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God fingers June 23 2016 - 2016/06/23(Thu)
God fingersWhen I was doing the dishes this morning, there was a small fly stopping at the kitchen sink.At the moment, I picked it up with my fingers unwillingly.That's unbelievable!...
初夏の鳳来 Horai on 9th July 2016 - 2016/06/16(Thu)
KoajisaiA day in HouraiI enjoyed watching many kind of beautiful wild flowers, climbing some steep crags and drinking lots of beer,wine and sake(rice wine). :-)Sasayuri Lilicum japonicumThis is my favorite flower in Horai. At this time of year I love Sekkoku a menber of the orchid family. Although I found it during climbing, I couldn't take its photos.The murmur of a streamKoajisai Hydrangea hirta...